Btc-Miner Review: Is BTC Miner Legit? This Post Is Necessary Review: Is BTC Miner Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading our review, you will see why they are recommended.

We are writing review for those who are new to this type of cryptocurrency mining. This software helps you generate bitcoins out of thin air as promised. Is btc miner legit as claimed by the platform.


Start mining

BTC MINER is a cryptocurrency mining software that was founded by group of experts. They claim to be the best and the highest paying investment returns. In the process of our review, we noticed that they are still new. Founded in 2022 and offer low minimum deposit with daily payment.
At BTC Miner, investors get reward with Bitcoin for investing in a machine. Each time they add a new block to the chain, they have a small fraction of the total supply of Bitcoin in existence.

Mining bitcoin with can be a lucrative business and requires no electricity and computing power. This is because it’s already built in machine that you just have to plugin with little amount. Therefore no effort is required to start mining or investing. But just registrar, invest and earn which we will take you through the process.


The platform offer many investment plans, starting from 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. You can choose from any of their plans depending on your choice of investment.

Silver Account: This plan has a minimum deposit of $20 and is 3 Months Bitcoin Mining. The hashrate is 293,292 GH/S and
SHA-256 Mining Algorithm.

Gold Account: The gold plan comes with a minimum deposit of $50. However the hashrate is 105 676 GH/s and it’s a 3 Months Bitcoin Mining. The SHA-256 Mining Algorithm is included with Maintenance Fees.

Platinum Account: Btc-miner offer platinum plan with $ 100 minimum deposit. There is 211 763 GH/s and 3 Months Bitcoin Mining with SHA-256 Mining Algorithm including Maintenance Fees.

Diamond Account: This plan equally accept a minimum deposit of $ 500. There is 2,646.51 TH/s hashrate and 3 Months Bitcoin Mining with SHA-256 Mining Algorithm. Maintenance Fees apply.

Investors+: Investor+ is a BTC miner recommended plan. It comes with $ 1,000 minimum deposit and hashrate up to 93,292 GH/S. This is a 3 Months Bitcoin Mining and SHA-256 Mining Algorithm. Maintenance Fees apply.

Professional+: This is Auto just like other plans but it have more profit. The minimum deposit is $ 10,000 and hashrate is up to 32,292 GH/S. However it’s a 3 Months Bitcoin Mining with SHA-256 Mining Algorithm and Maintenance Fees.

Gold +: This is a Btc-miner2 auto mining rig with minimum deposit up to $ 500,000 00. The hashrate on it is 293,292 GH/S and 3 Months Bitcoin Mining with SHA-256 Mining Algorithm. Maintenance Fees apply as well.


Btc miner is legit and safe to invest with, the platform is built with intuitive interface. They have tracking record and you get bonus on your investment.
If you want to start with BTC-MINER.ORG. It’s a zero-sum game, and if you are thinking of getting involved, this website is worth a try. The website is free, and there are no fees associated with it. It will tell you what to do and how to go about it. There are also guides available for different operating systems. You can start mining as soon as possible. But if you want to make money with Bitcoin, you should think twice.


To complete your payment and start mining, there are two things to do when you login to your account.

The first is, if you want to buy a package which you can always see on dashboard.

Click on the top left menu in btc-miner dashboard 

Select buy a package: This will show you all the available packages to buy.


Select any package of your choice: it will take you to payment methods, which is bitcoin,

On this page you will see bitcoin address (BTC) to deposit.

Payment methods

Copy the wallet address provided and deposit the amount equivalent to the package price within the estimated time frame.

If you complete your payment, copy your transaction hash and paste on the transaction hash bar then click submit yellow button.


Or you can request for your transaction hash from us. If you complete this process, the system automatically completes your purchased package to be successful.


To complete a pending transaction, login to your account dashboard.

Click on the right top menu in btc-miner dashboard

Select my order: This will show you your order history.

Expand a pending order. With purple round button Btc miner investment
Click view order with yellow button

It will take you to deposit page

Copy the wallet address provided and deposit the amount equivalent to the package you are buying.

After deposit copy your transaction hash and past on the transaction hash bar.

Transaction hash
To see your transaction hash, go to withdrawal history, if you are using binance, review

But if you are using blockchain, go to activity. In that you can see you transaction history.

Blockchain transaction hash
Click on any transaction you want to get it’s transaction hash. It will take you to blockchain explorer or any block explorer. Here you will see the transaction hash.

Purchase any plan of your choice and your miner starts automatically. If you are finding it difficult to understand how it works, How to complete your deposit, How to buy plan, How to get your 50% bonus. Contact us on livechat and get help.


  • Instant deposit and Withdrawal
  • Daily profit credited to your balance
  • Instant withdrawal on daily basis
  • Minimum withdrawal of 1$
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Referral bonus up to 10% and more

Btc-miner is legit and offer 24/7 customer support with livechat support, email and contact form. To get support from the platform, you just have to connect by clicking the chat button. However you can visit the address of BTC Miner Ltd. Chinachem Century Tower, 31/F, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Review Conclusion

Start mining bitcoin profitably now with, BTC miner is legit and reliable. In Conclusion of review we have to say that they are legit.

The platform have good customer support and loyalty agent. It offer the best mining service unlike tizumining. You can reinvest your profit if you really don’t want to withdraw all you available fund. Start mining bitcoin now. Compare platform with with capital BTC.

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