MineThrive Review: Is MineThrive.com Legit Or Scam

MineThrive Review: Is MineThrive.com Legit Or Scam? What Can I do to withdraw my $20,000 investment with them. Ok, so what we all need to know is that mining crypto is simple in this modern world. You can easily start by using other platform built by experts. In that you don’t have to buy mining equipment. However too many scams are out with claim to be the best mining platform. A good example is minethrive.com which indicates itself as number one best miner. They claim to offer high-performance bitcoin mining with hardware as a service. However this platform seems to be good for beginners and professional investors. But only on your first investment. Do you really have interest in mining with minethrive? Well, In this review we will uncover all pros and cons of the platform. Start mining profitably.¬†

MineThrive Review


Minethrive is a cloud mining firm that was founded in 2024-02-18. They claim to offer the top crypto mining platform with zero fee. However while we are trying to know if minethrive is legit, our review covers their fake ratings and feedback. Well on the platform we could not get much information other than them trying to convince us to invest.

Mine thrive platform boast to offers everyone the opportunity to participate in crypto mining regardless of technical know-how or financial resources. Therefore we can compare their services with ecos mining. However in the process of minethrive, we noticed that they are new But claim to be regulated. The Taylor Hobbs is posted as the platform CEO & Founder, with postal address, Minethrive Ltd, 29 Hartfield Road, Leatherhead, KT22 0AR.

Mine thrive claims a lot, including connections with major regulatory agencies. We can say that all this information is false and should never be a guarantee to success in the platform. My advice is that if you insist in mining with them, you should trade with caution. You can compare platform with NiceHash.

Mining Plans


Free Bonus: This plan doesn’t attract any deposit and you mine 0.0004 BTC. The hashrate is 1.500 TH/s, it’s an instant bitcoin mining.

Beginner: This is a mining plan for start up, the plan price is 0.0010 BTC, which buys 7.408 TH/s. Howeverit gives you +7% Daily ROI and no setup fees. It’s an instant bitcoin mining and withdrawable 24/7 with basic Support.

Advanced: This minethrive plan is regarded as best with minimum deposit of 0.2750 BTC on 2.097 PH/s. The daily profit is +8% and no setup fees, it’s and instant Bitcoin mining. The profit withdrawable is 24/7 with premium support.

Enterprise: This plan cost 3.5000 BTC which buys 40.957 PH/s. However the daily profit is +11% Daily with no setup fees, it’s and instant Bitcoin mining. The minings withdrawable is 24/7 and personal premium support.

Is Minethrive Legit?

Minethrive is a cloud mining firm that offers crypto mining investment. It allows you to avoid purchasing of mining machines and electricity. However users can profit from this if they are legit. Therefore in this minethrive review, we will be offering you the opportunity to decide if you will continue with the platform of avoid them.

Based on our experience with other platform, our findings suggest that you should avoid minethrive as it’s not legit. Why we tell you that minethrive is not legit is because they are new and claim to be the oldest best mining platform. In that, we have users who complains of not being able to withdraw their funds.

Therefore, it will be good to consider this as important, minethrive will not give you real time withdrawal information. More-so, mine thrive will not post negative reviews on trustpilot because they manipulate the original review. Well, if we sre wrong, we stand to be corrected, you can prove us wrong by providing your investment information with the platform.

Customer Support

So in the process of Minethrive review, we noticed that they offer customers support via FAQs and email. However there are other support methods but it depends on your investment plan. If this option doesn’t work for you, try visiting mine thrive office Minethrive Ltd, 29 Hartfield Road, Leatherhead, KT22 0AR. Well, i still wonder why we need higher investment to get all the necessary support service. In understanding how it works, you must this before investing. For the fact that minethrive gives different support service to different investors is not a good one.

If minethrive is legit, users suppose  to have full support regardless of their investment amount. Therefore i suggest you avoid this platform and go for a reliable investment opportunity that can serve you better.


Overall, we will tell you to stay away from any unrealistic benefits especially when it comes to bitcoin mining. The mining platform we recommend is btc miner and they are free of use. To start mining profitably you need to create an account with them and start investing. However before you leave here, we recommend reading more about the other platform that are still not legit. Above all, we tried to understand the profit withdrawal which is displayed on minethrive.com, but it looks like the explorer is not showing all the needed information. Thus we don’t really understand mine thrive profit and withdrawal history.

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