Review: Is Legit Or Scam? Read More about the platform Review: Is Legit Or Scam? Let’s carefully read about the platform and see if you are to start or stay away. However the platform is new and claim to be reliable. On that we might need good research to prove any claim. Firstly we tried to get the domain information but it failed due to the nature of the domain. It’s very important to read review carefully before investing. Start mining now. Review

Smartmining also known as Bitcoin virtual mining is an algorithm-based process that allows users to access cheap hashpower for all kinds of crypto mining. It’s developed to analyses the performance and output of actual Smart Mining Farms and then replicates the hash rate and mining experience. is here to offer users the opportunity to experience direct mining through special third party software. Therefore Mining with the platform gives you the opportunity to mine without the need to own and maintain Crypto Mining Equipment. Thus you can invest with small amount or big amount with no impact on your personal devices, such as computers or mobile devices.

Smart mining claims that their mining product is sustainable with no environmental impact. Founded in 04/23/2024 by group of experts who claim to be the best in cloud mining. The head Office is 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ. The platform have an active member up to 3000 and zero authority. That’s quite impressive but you should visit the office before higher package.

Plans And Pricing


EXPERIENCED: This is the plan that you can start with $12. However the contract price is 12 $ and contract duration is 365 days. The daily mining is 0.000032 BTC ( ≈ 1.28 $ )and Monthly mining is 0.00096 BTC ( ≈ 38.4 $ )

NEWBIE: offer this plan for beginners and the price is $360. While the contract duration is 365 days however the daily mining is 0.0018 BTC ( ≈ 72 $ ). The monthly mining is 0.054 BTC ( ≈ 2160 $ )with 30% off.

BASIC: This plan price is $770 and Contract duration is 365 days. The daily mining is 0.0059 BTC ( ≈ 236 $ )and Monthly mining is 0.177 BTC ( ≈ 7080 $ )and you get 40% off on buying it.

ECONOMY: The smartmining offer this plan for a experienced miner. The contract price is $2580 and Contract duration is 365 days. Daily mining is 0.0215 BTC ( ≈ 860 $ )and Monthly mining : 0.645 BTC ( ≈ 25800 $ ).

Big Plans

PROFESSIONAL: This plan cost $6580 and the Contract duration is 365 days. The Daily mining is 0.0658 BTC ( ≈ 2632 $ )and Monthly mining is 1.974 BTC ( ≈ 78960 $ ). It comes with a 55% off on buying the plan.

ADVANCED: This mining plan cost $13860 and Contract duration is 365 days. However the daily mining is 0.154 BTC ( ≈ 6160 $ )and Monthly mining is 4.62 BTC ( ≈184800 $ )In purchasing this plan you get 60% off.

LUXURIOUS: offer this plan to big investors and the contract price is $32800. More-so the contract duration is 365 days and the Daily mining is 0.41 BTC ( ≈ 16400 $ ). The Monthly mining is 12.3 BTC ( ≈ 492000 $ ) and it comes with 70% off

TOP: This plan is the highest plan available for investors in the platform. The contract price is $78000 and Contract duration is 365 days. However the Daily mining is 1.3 BTC ( ≈ 52000 $ ) and Monthly mining is 39 BTC ( ≈ 1560000 $ )

Is Legit or Scam? is also known as this platform is a new cloud mining firm with the promis to help you make quick profit. Well is not legit and not reliable. This is because for the past 3 years this group of scam is only good at bringing different platform to scam investors.

They only change the website front page and domain then add more profit on the pricing. With that user can now invest hoping to get their money back. Well, i suggest you look well and verify before investing in the platform to avoid scam.

In the process of our review, we visited the platform and tried to understand how it works. On that, we noticed that they are using two domain and the first is for the landing page and other for the iser dashboard.

The domains are and the first domain doesn’t show on whois while the other shows with registration date 2024-03-07. This is a red flag for you to avoid them or try with $1 and never go back because they will pay and if you go back they take your capital.

Customer Support


Smart Mining offers customer support through contact form and ticket. However if you are not sure of the support and you are close to this location you can visit them on 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. Let say that they might actually not have any physical location.

The contact form can only work is you want to invest. I bet you will get a response from them if you want to withdraw. Email Address
Telegram: @SmartMiningServices. Please note that the email support is a gmail and is not supposed to be a gmail. Smart mining should have a business mail address.


Finally we will conclude our review and we will tell you that they are not legit. It’s better you avoid them than hoping to make huge profits and lose it all in the process. In the previous review about mining platform HashCryptos, we told you about how they are equally not legit. However every platform claim to be the best until you mine and not withdraw. I suggest you start mining with a reliable mining platform. We have a tested and trusted mining firm that can work for you based customer review. Start mining all crypto mining with btc miner and enjoy good return on investment. Don’t fall Victim with all this fake mining firm.


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